Construction Starts For Downtown Humboldt Project

By: Jacob Sexton —

Humboldt, IA — Sande Construction has begun to break ground on the downtown project in Humboldt with yesterday being the official start of the demolition process.

The fencing has been put up as construction crews will start on the 400 block on north side of Sumner Avenue and then move back and forth from north to south while moving west down street. City Administrator Travis Goedken says all work will be weather permitting for the crew for how much they can get done. The contractual agreement between Sande and the city is that project must be done by June 1st of next year.

Goedken also says that Sande is planning to complete as much of the project as they can before winter so they don’t have to rely on a drier spring in 2020. The $1.3 million project will be broken into two parts with work being done now until winter and then finishing it in the spring.