Oct 19

Humboldt Community School District News and Notes

Humboldt, Iowa – The Humboldt Community School District Board of Education Meeting took place on Monday, October 17th, at 5:00pm, to discuss the following topics.

  • The Board approved the resignation of Chantel Fridolfson as Drill Team Sponsor. The motion was carried unanimously.
  • There was an approval of the Superintendent’s recommendation to accept the bid for a Multi-Purpose Vehicle from Humboldt Motor Sales in the amount of $40,553 for 2016-2017.
  • Any student with a -$150 balance in the school lunch debt will be considered for small claims.
  • The school board has purchased a snow plow from John’s Ag Service in the amount of $5,325 for 2016-17.
  • Substitute Teacher Pay has been increased to $115 and $117 for retired teachers and subbing for every 30 days is $100 bonus at end of the school year. .
  • The Early Graduation List has been approved, pending completion of all graduation requirements.