Nov 04

AmericInn Coming to Humboldt

Humboldt, Iowa – A new hotel chain will be coming to Humboldt and it’s estimated completion date is set for Memorial Day 2017.

City Administrator Travis Goedken made it clear that conversations to bring in a new hotel chain were being discussed for a long time, dating back to last Winter.

“The first meetings held were back in [winter] of 2015. There were several investment groups held with AmericInn and their developers, obviously talking about the potential of a mid-scale hotel here in Humboldt” Goedken explained.

Almost exactly one year later, the City of Humboldt, along with those private investment groups have given the “OK” to begin the building process of the hotel.

“It has been quite the project. But, we are very happy to have the activity going on at the former UBC corner” Goedken mentioned.

He also gave details about the hotel and it’s sizing.

According to Goedken the hotel will be a 41-room hotel and suites. The hotel will also feature an indoor pool, several amenities and TV’s no smaller than a 42-inches.

“It’s about four million dollars worth  for project cost, so very good development in that area, hopefully we some expansion in that corridor with the hotel footing that” said Goedken.

Goedken wasn’t shy in calling the progression of the building “aggressive” saying that the contractors want to get the building fully enclosed before winter and continue working on it through those times.

A feasibility study done before the discussion occurred illuminated to city officials the lack of a mid-size hotel chain in Humboldt.

“It was hard to determine what exactly we were missing out on, or failing to capture. Some people were staying in Fort Dodge or in Algona without other hotels in the area. We are hoping to see increased activity with people staying in Humboldt. ”