Mar 08

Supervisors Hear Quote on Weed Removal; Supervisors Meeting Notes

Humboldt, Iowa – At their Monday meeting the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors heard from Don Reffer of B&W Weed Control Specialists of Algona, Iowa.

Reffer brought forth a $40,000 quote-not to exceed that amount-for a three year rotation of weed clean-out in several county-wide drainage districts.

Reffer also indicated to the board that there was a beaver dam that needed to be extricated from Drainage District #11, Lateral A.

The process of removing the dam would first involve trapping the beavers, Reffer said.

If the county removes the dam first, the beavers will be able to build it back, rather quickly, according to Reffer.

In other business at the Monday meeting, Supervisor Erik Underberg made the motion to move the pay of a possible animal control officer from $25 to $30 per animal, which would also include mileage.

At a prior meeting, Sheriff Kruger said that animal control calls are currently taking up too much of his and his deputies time.

There are no current plans for the who is being named the officer as of now.