Mar 10

Supervisors, Council To Discuss, Adopt Budget Monday

Humboldt, Iowa – The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors will hold a public hearing on the budget for Humboldt County for Fiscal Year 17-18.

The Humboldt City Council will also act on the budget, Monday, as well.

The public hearing for the county will take place at 8:35 Monday morning at their regularly scheduled Supervisor’s Meeting.

The city will hold their budget meeting Monday afternoon at 4:30 at City Hall.

City Administrator Travis Goedken said he is happy where the budget lies after making some cuts earlier last month.

“We’d always like to see all the requests from departments get fully funded, but unfortunately we are dealing with limited resources.”

He did say that the city was happy with the process of the budget presentations, as a whole and that there are many strong projects on the horizon.

“There are a lot of big things and big projects that we will see in the budget for 2017-18.”