Mar 15

Education Association Proposes Salary Increase

Humboldt, Iowa – Humboldt Education Association Chief Negotiator Greg Wickett presented a 3.32% salary increase for Humboldt teachers at a special district-wide meeting Monday.

“As far as the increase goes, we factor in a lot things, but now, a lot of that has changed due to new laws being passed” Wickett said in a teleconference yesterday.

Wickett said the Education Association goes to yearly financial training meetings where they look at numbers that coincide with the school’s ability to pay, then compare those numbers to the figures the teachers settled on in the past.

“There are a lot of factors that go into settling on that number” he said.

The initial 3.32% salary increase is just a starting number, according to Wickett.

He very much believes that negotiations will be an on-going battle.

“We have an idea about historically where we’ve ended up, the state this year only gave allowable growth of 1.1% which is far below normal.”

Wickett doesn’t expect the District and the Education Association to settle where they have in years passed, but he believes 3.32% is a strong number to base negotiations off of.

“It is a complex process” Wickett said of the negotiations.

The school board will present their counter-offer next Monday, then the two sides will meet and make a decision by the end of April.

The school board’s proposal will be at 5:00 at the Administration Office.