Mar 16

Mental Health On Forefront For County Budget

Humboldt, Iowa – When the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors adopted the 2017-18 budget for the county, one number stood out in particular.

The county increased it’s mental health budget by 18% in 2017-18, marking a somewhat staggering increase.

“One of things that went into it, was regionalization” County Supervisor Carl Mattes explained.

“A big problem we have with it, is a law that was passed on [mental health] back in 1994 and 1995, which put a lid on how much you can tax it” Mattes said.

Mattes explained that some counties who had predominantly lower rates could not raise their lid forcing smaller, more rural counties to subsidize larger counties.

“We can’t seem to get any legislation to change that” Mattes fumed, after their supervisors Monday meeting.

The 18% increase in the county also stems to help with diagnosis and treatment.

“It is costing so much to take care of [people with mental health problems], we don’t have beds available.”

Mattes said that often times patients will have to go clear across the entire state to receive treatment.

He believes this unfair to most if not all of the those patients and is clear-cut reason for adding the mental health budget for fiscal year 2017-18.