May 16

County, Engineer Come to Terms on DD #33

By: Nathan Bloechl – nathanb@977thebolt.com

Humboldt, Iowa – After a long, on-going schism, both the county and I&S Group came to terms on fixing incorrectly laid pipe in DD #33.

The tile did not match up at the end of the project, it was later found out that this occurred due to incorrect elevation figures.

ISG has agreed to incur all costs from the district, the new pipe will remain a one-inch coefficient.

Board Chairman Rick Pedersen said there will be no additional costs to the landowners in the district.

The cost for consulting with McClure Engineering of Fort Dodge, Iowa, last week will be split between the county and ISG said Pedersen.

It was announced that the contractor, Holland Contracting, will back up 800 feet upstream from the well and re-lay the new pipe.

“We’re glad to put this matter to rest” exhaled Chairman Rick Pedersen.

Continued Pedersen, “ISG came to our conclusion, which I was happy to see. This is what the farmers had to agreed to. I think it’s been a good solution for the matter at hand.”

The landowners are getting what they paid for in the original design said Pedersen, however the completion date has been moved back to June 15th.