May 16

Humboldt Fire Department To Receive New Truck; Three Bids Considered

By: Nathan Bloechl – nathanb@977thebolt.com

Humboldt, Iowa – The Humboldt City Council approved the purchase of a new fire engine at their meeting Monday evening.

The Fire Department and City examined three bids but because every truck is custom built, holding a competitive bid process is difficult, according to City Administrator Travis Goedken.

The new truck will have a pumping capacity of two thousand gallons per minute and will be replacing a truck that could only pump 750 gallons per minute. The new truck will also hold one thousand gallons of water in it’s booster tank. Humboldt Fire Chief Jim Gronbach said the new engine gives them flexibility in the future, as well, to add where they see fit.

Gronbach said the department is looking to see this engine last 40-45 years with very little maintenance.

The engine will be purchased from Reliant Fire Apparatus of Slinger, Wisconsin, which is located near Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Goedken said he’s had nothing but positive experiences with them in the past.

“The best way to equate it is: you have your Kia, your Toyota, your Cadillac and [Reliant] is very close to that Cadillac” exclaimed Goedken.

Financially, the city of Humboldt has bonded $400,000 for the project in addition to having $100,000 of cash on hand. The city will also look at using additional cost savings from the Lewis Street Storm project to help cover the costs.

The purchase price of the truck is set at $537,110.00.

Gronbach stated that the purchase of the truck is a huge gain for the city’s safety functions.

Not only does it give the city and fire department better pumping and better equipment to fight fires, it also is reliable, Gronbach clarified.

The purchase is expected to be in Humboldt County within the next 12 months.