May 18

Humboldt-Dakota City Chamber to Unveil Welcome Center

By: Nathan Bloechl – nathanb@977thebolt.com

Humboldt, Iowa – The Humboldt-Dakota City Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors has agreed to open a Welcome Center this June, according to a release.

The release cites that the board agreed that the need for the Chamber within the community has grown, prompting to not only move their office, but to open a Welcome Center.

While no official grand opening has been set, Chamber Director Jenna Mulford believes that it will be available to the public by the end of June.

“The Chamber has been driven towards our events, and making them bigger and better for all age groups within the community; we try to have something fun that everyone can participate in” Mulford said.

A greater need for community-wide information about Humboldt County was another lead factor in this decision per the release.

“I think that having a central location not only for the community but people visiting, gives [Humboldt] an opportunity to spotlight our unique businesses and historical points of interest that make Humboldt County a great place to visit and enjoy” explained Mulford.

Mulford says Humboldt residents will be able to see the Chamber focus more on their vision statement in the future.

“[By] working together we can accomplish bigger goals that will help make our communities strong and prosperous and give us a bright future in the years to come.”

The Chamber is also running their 2017-18 Membership Drive.

For more information on either the Welcome Center or Memberships, you can contact Jenna Mulford at 515-332-1481.

They are also on Facebook and online at www.hdcchamber.org

(Photo via: Humboldt Dakota City Chamber Facebook — Earlier this Spring, the Chamber hosted their annual Luncheon. The keynote speaker (pictured middle) was Scott Siepker, better known as the Iowa Nice Guy)