Dec 20

School Board Accepts Resignation of Long-Time Defensive Coordinator Tom Johnson

By: Nathan Bloechl — nathanb@977thebolt.com

Humboldt, Iowa — The grumblings were there. When Head Coach Greg Thomas retired earlier this year, he hinted to this moment coming.

At Monday evening’s Humboldt Community School Board meeting, the board unanimously approved the resignation of Tom Johnson, who served as the team’s defensive coordinator for the last fifteen years.

Johnson came to Humboldt in January of 1985 and began his coaching in Humboldt in the fall of 1986.

Thomas said he had thought the two were a bit of a packaged deal, turns out, his intuition served correct.

The task now grows one coach harder for the Humboldt School Board, who will be instrumental in helping replace both Thomas and Johnson — both state champion coaches — who were veteran stalwarts in the program.

Superintendent Greg Darling told KHBT Wednesday morning, that the position — or positions — will be formally posted in February after some teacher retirements.

Darling said he did not believe any internal options have expressed interest in the head coaching position, though he did not have information on the defensive coordinator position.

Athletic Director Greg Thomas contributed to this article.