Jan 09

Supervisors Hear Funding Request for Humboldt County Housing

By: Nathan Bloechl — nathanb@977thebolt.com

Dakota City, Iowa — The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors heard and will consider a funding request for the upcoming fiscal year from the Humboldt County Housing Development Corporation.

The group, created in 1997, features community members who are tasked with addressing housing needs for Humboldt County.

According to their report report, Humboldt County Housing has oversaw the development of approximately 100 homes and has saw an increase in assessed valuation.

Most recently, as well, Humboldt County Housing has purchased fourteen lots in West River Acres, the group is currently discussing how to best develop that area. They’ve also helped greatly with the Building Trades program, which ensures “at least one home to built each year in the county” said City Administrator Travis Goedken.]

The Building Trades program started in 1999, two years after the inception of the Housing Development Corporation and still many of the past students are currently still in area as contractors, electricians and plumbers.

The supervisors will take the $7,500 funding request for Housing Development into consideration moving forward.