Feb 08

Snow Emergencies Have Been Positive Overall, City Says

By: Nathan Bloechl — nathanb@977thebolt.com

Humboldt, Iowa Damned if you, damned if you don’t.”

That is what Humboldt City Administrator Travis Goedken said regarding the new snow emergency system in Humboldt.

Goedken informed KHBT that the snow emergency call has been used three times this year, with two of the three actually panning out with the forecasted snow becoming a reality.

He did regret not issuing a snow emergency Monday, when snowfall reached about six inches in the area.

We don’t want to issue a snow emergency at the first threat of snow”  Goedken said.

Overall, Goedken explained that the street crews have been fantastic thus far this winter.

The street crews have been terrific, they work hard and they too have been pleased with the new snow emergency calls, it makes their job a little bit easier.”

With more snow in the forecast today (Thursday), it will be interesting to see if the city will go forward and issue a snow emergency today.

97.7 The Bolt will keep you updated on the matter, regardless.