Feb 12

Busse Marches Back to the Well For Third Straight Year

By: Nathan Bloechl — nathanb@977thebolt.com

Webster City, Iowa — Sitting before his opening match, Joey Busse was as calm as ever.

I approached him and wished him well and we began talking about music. As if wrestling was just was another thing he was doing today.

Have you heard that new Drake single? Or the new Migos album? What do you think of it? It seems like typical Migos, they have a couple good songs.”

It was relatively ironic.

Busse as confident as ever, was jamming out with his blue Beats by Dre headphones relaxing before trying to qualify for state again.

As our conversation progressed and we bounced our opinions of rappers and musicians alike off of each other, I gauged Busse. He was going to have a good day. The moment is never too big for him.

He doesn’t get phased by big days like this” his dad Terry said prior the day’s wrestling.

He slept like a log, all night. I don’t think I got more than three hours” he laughed.

Busse went out and wrestled three strong matches, despite losing once to rival Tanner Abbas.

Abbas has beat Busse four times this year — all of Busse’s losses — and could have a fifth match at State if the cards unfold.

Currently ranked #7 at 145 in the state, Busse will look to place this year after being shut-out from placing as freshman at 132 and as a sophomore at 138.

Following up Saturday’s matches with Busse and his father talking I walked over and celebrated with Joey by doing some dance moves, Joey laughing, dad laughing, I looked to dad and said it’s your turn!

If Joey gets on that podium next weekend, you’ve got a deal.”

As if he needed any extra motivation, now he does.

Busse will open versus Clear Creek-Amana’s Andrew Robert Thursday in Des Moines.