Apr 11

Fence Damaged in One Vehicle Accident Saturday

Humboldt, Iowa — The Humboldt Police Department says a fence line was damaged as the result of a single vehicle car accident in Humboldt, Saturday night.

Law enforcement officials say 23-year old, David Allen Decker of Humboldt, was the driver.

A Mid-American Energy employee made it known to Humboldt Police that a fence was damaged at the sub station at the 100 block of 10th Street North.

Upon arrival, officers identified Decker and his vehicle — a 1994 Dodge Dakota Pickup — and was contacted shortly thereafter.

Decker stated that he dropped his cigarette and swerved as a result of that, hitting the fence.

He then told police that he was scared and the left the scene and did not have insurance.

Decker was charged with failure to maintain control and driving without insurance.

He and his passenger were uninjured in the accident.