28E Agreement for Law Enforcement In Final Stages

By: Nathan Bloechl (nathanb@977thebolt.com)

Humboldt, Iowa – Some area towns are on the precipice of receiving law enforcement jurisdiction from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

The 28E Agreement between Dakota City, Livermore, Bode, Thor and Bradgate was read again yesterday morning, at the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors Meeting.

City Attorney Brett Legvold presented the documentation and stated that the aforementioned towns have passed a tax levy to provide law enforcement to their area.

Legvold presented a possible snag in the agreement which revolves around the Public Safety Commission and figuring out how the commission will administer the 28E agreement.

While Humboldt currently has a Public Safety Commission erect, Legvold said there might be a need for a separate commission to take on the 28E Agreement.

As of yet, unincorporated towns in Humboldt County are not a part of the agreement, but Legvold stated that if those towns passed the levy, they would be included. If they do not pass the levy, those towns would need to find secondary ways to pay for the sheriff’s time.

Each of the original five towns will pay per capita, and the term runs for five years beginning in 2017-18.

The starting rate per capita is $10.00 and will rise in year five to $12.00.

Those funds will be placed into the Public Safety Fund and on the 15th of April and October each year, will be dispersed out to the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

No official board action was taken on the matter, however many members of the board seemed pleased with the documentation.

Legvold was asked back to next week’s meeting where he will present a clean copy.