Board of Supervisors To Hear from Kiddie Cats Daycare Board

Humboldt, Iowa – The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors will meet with the Kiddie Cats Daycare Board Monday morning discussing Resolution #2017-4.

Here is their full agenda for Monday:

  •   Dean Ewoldt, Veteran Affairs Director
    •  Accept and place on file the Veteran Affairs Quarterly Report for the quarter ended December 31, 2016
  •  Corey Keller, Community & Family Resources
    • Update on what they’re doing in the community
  •   Members of the Kiddie Cats Daycare Center
    • Discussion and possible approval of Resolution #2017-4, a Resolution stating a pledge of full faith and credit for the Kiddie Cats Daycare Center Project
  • Jamey Whittney, Alisa Schlies, Upper Des Moines Opportunities
    • Funding request
  •  Michelle Hankins, Humboldt County Public Health Administrator
    • Introduction and review of last fiscal year