Flu Like Symptoms Troubling Humboldt County

Humboldt, Iowa – There has been an uptick in influenza not only in Humboldt County, but elsewhere as well, according to Humboldt County Public Health Director Michelle Hankins.

“Throughout the state of Iowa we have seen a widespread increase of influenza. Mostly, people are testing positive for Influenza AH3, although, influenza has many different strains” said Hankins.

Hankins made sure to mention that while it may seem late, there is still time to get your flu shot for the season.

However, she explained the flu shot many not cover all of the active flu strains currently affecting citizens in Humboldt and across the state.

“The thing we need to keep in mind is that no flu vaccine is ever 100%. Hopefully the people who have gotten influenza and their flu shot are not getting quite as sick as someone who maybe hasn’t” Hankins explained.

One of the factors leading to the increase of flu-like symptoms filtering through the state is children and adults continuing to attend school or work while sick.

Often times, people will confuse their symptoms with that of a common cold which gives the thinking that you should be able to work through that.

“What we really watch for are those same things, the stuffy, runny nose, the sore throat, the thing with influenza is if your fever really gets high” mentioned Hankins.

“Sometimes with colds you do have those body aches but a lot of people tell me they feel like they’ve been hit by a Mack truck [when the flu hits them].”

The number one ways to prevent flu-like symptoms from passing from person-to-person are by hand-washing and by limiting contact when sick, i.e. staying home when the flu strikes.