Trammell Music Opens Storefront on Sumner

By: Nathan Bloechl (

Humboldt, Iowa – Trammel Music is making noise for all the right reasons. The new music store in downtown Humboldt has been open for about a month now, says owner Nick Trammell.

It’s a dream come true for him,  who described his twenty year affinity for music as something that stemmed from loving to “goof around” on the guitar as a hobby.

However his love for music was incubated, it has been a long and winding process for Trammell who purchased the old Sister’s Homestyle Entrees storefront after working there for two years.

Trammell had to gut out all the food related items.

“You know, when they were talking about selling this space, I came up with the idea of making it a music store. There’s really nothing around here like that unless you want to go Fort Dodge or Algona” said Trammell.

Trammell is the sole owner of the store but he also has a guitar instructor that has begun giving lessons through his store.

He said the two are also currently working on developing a YouTube channel to help better grow his store’s brand and popularity.

But, Trammell insisted his store his more than just a “guitar” shop.

“We have a lot of accessories for high school and middle school band, so we carry reeds and drumsticks, cork grease and valve oil” Trammell explained.

To his credit, he understand that as a new business, he has the opportunity to mold his business structure to the community needs.

“I’m just really looking for what people want [in Humboldt], I monitor who comes in, what they are coming in for, and trying to provide those things for them. It’s still early for me, I can still adapt, I have freedom.”

To some extent, Trammell understands that the road ahead isn’t easy. Growing a business in a smaller community is something he has seen success with Sister’s and hopes he can replicate that.

“I’m just biding  my time” chuckled Trammell.

To him, patience is a must.

“It’s a slow build, I know that.”

Trammell Music is located at 619 Sumner Avenue in downtown Humboldt.