Fort Dodge Landfill Now Open to Humboldt Residents

Humboldt, Iowa РThe landfill of Fort Dodge is now open for Humboldt residents to take hazardous waste materials, said Humboldt City Administrator Travis Goedken.

According to Goedken, the landfill was open to Humboldt residents for “about two months” but was hesitant to publicize it too much, worrying about the landfill being overflowed with material.

Goedken explained that paints, primers, batteries and other hazardous waste can be brought down there and properly disposed off.

At this time, there has been talks of perhaps a satellite visit with a trailer up to Humboldt.

“We are working on getting a mobile unit up here, for Humboldt residents to dispose of material quicker and perhaps a little easier” Goedken said Monday.

However, the idea is still in it’s infancy stages and nothing has been set in stone as of yet.