School District Rebuttles with 1.6% Increase

Humboldt, Iowa –  A week after chief negotiator Greg Wickett presented a 3.32% salary increase for Humboldt School district teachers, Superintendent Greg Darling made a counter-offer at the Monday evening Humboldt Community School District meeting.

The offer now stands at a 1.6% salary increase for Humboldt teachers in 2017-18-which is down 1.72 percent from Wickett’s original offer, on behalf of the Humboldt Education Association.

“[The increase]  averages out to about $1,100 per  teacher for the upcoming school year” Superintendent Darling said in a teleconference Tuesday afternoon.

With the allowable growth set at 1% for the upcoming year – which was set by Iowa Governor Terry Branstad – in essence, the state gave Humboldt School District a 1% increase.

“We wanted to make sure the district continued to offer family insurance, so the insurance committee and myself worked the last few months to provide choices for teachers and other staff” Darling explained.

Negotiations are expected to spill into April with an agreement needing to be reached by the end of next month,