CAT Grant Set Aside…For Now

Humboldt, Iowa – The Humboldt City Council dismissed the idea of a Community Attraction and Tourism grant at yesterday’s council proceedings.

The idea was proposed in relation to an upgrade of Humboldt’s West River Recreation Center.

According to Travel Iowa, a CAT grant assists projects that will provide recreational, cultural, entertainment, and educational attractions.  The project must be available to the general public for public use and be primarily vertical infrastructure.

The funding process sees a broad base of funding sources, which has been interpreted as requiring cash contributions from the city, county, and private sources.

Up to 25% of the local match can be made up of donated labor and materials (in-kind contributions).

The application deadline for the CAT grant occurs prior to the next city council meeting, but City Administrator Travis Goedken did indicate that there will be another application timeline in three months.