County Employee Insurance Rates to Increase By 6.1%

Humboldt, Iowa – In unsettling news for county employees, Denise Ballard of Iowa Governmental Health Care Plan informed the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors Monday that insurance rates will be increasing by 6.1% for fiscal year 2017-18.

Ballard indicated that IGHCP currently is the insurance holder for 3,074 county and state employees across Iowa, with Humboldt County making up 66 people or about 2% of that number.

In 2005 – prior to IGHCP – Humboldt County insurance premiums for county employees was at $1,063.93, Ballard explained how through the years that premium was reduced to around $895.

In 2016, single person premiums were set at $517.77 and are expected to rise to $566.61 in 2017, an increase of roughly $49.

Furthermore, family plans came in at $1,294.41 for 2016 and are expected to swell over $150 more in 2017 to $1,416.52.

Board Chairman Rick Pederson mentioned that in Humboldt County, the county employee is on the hook for paying 12.5% of the premium cost.

Ballard said that may cause some people to potentially seek out private insurance which might offer better rates.

“We will go with the 6.1% moving forward” said Supervisor Erik Underberg.

“[But we’ll] be cautiously optimistic moving forward as well.”

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