Junk Pickup Day Next Week

Humboldt, Iowa – Next week marks the open of curbside junk pickup week in Humboldt County, as announced by the city.

While community members may believe this means everything and anything can be thrown curbside, City Administrator Travis Goedken says otherwise.

“There are some limits” Goedken explained.

“Anything that can fit inside a garbage bag, we don’t pickup. We do not pickup miscellaneous garbage sitting on the curb. If it can go inside a bag it should, and can be collected on trash pickup day” he said.

Bigger items such as TV sets that must be recycled, rather than taken to a landfill must also have a $10 recycling sticker placed on them which can be purchased at City Hall.

Goedken explained those items might include appliances, TV’s, computers and monitors.

There will be no concrete pickup or construction debris pickup, Goedken explained.

According to Goedken, a full list of what the city will and will not pickup is available online.