“Mixed Reviews” on Opening Day of Pilot Program, City Says

By: Nathan Bloechl — nathanb@977thebolt.com

Humboldt, Iowa — You might have noticed some wholesale changes downtown yesterday. If you did, well that means you were paying attention.

Yesterday was the first day of the city of Humboldt’s pilot program, which was proposed by ISG in an effort to create a more pedestrian friendly downtown atmosphere.

The street-lights are turned off and replaced by stop signs.

There are four-way stops at Sumner and 5th as well as Sumner and Taft.

All other intersections are just north-south stops, meaning traffic running east and west on Sumner Avenue has only two stops.

The pilot project is expected to last for two weeks, until December 3rd, but, as City Administrator Travis Goedken announced yesterday, the city could look at extending that time-frame for a clearer data point.

Goedken also mentioned that the city has received mixed reviews, both positive and negative on the pilot program beginning yesterday.

Those with comments or questions on the project can contact Humboldt City Hall at 515-332-3435.