Humboldt County Supervisors Meeting 08/19/19

By: Jacob Sexton —

Dakota City, IA — The Humboldt County Supervisors met for their weekly meeting yesterday morning at the Humboldt County Courthouse.

The supervisors convened as the Board of Canvassers to determine the official winner of the Ward 1 Humboldt City Council seat and Matthew Dominick was declared the majority vote getter.

The final vote tally went 111 for Dominick, 44 for Steve Boomgarden and 1 for Jim Boomgarden.

The meeting closed with committee reports and discussion of a few topics with the first being payment to make upgrades to the county courthouse elevator to meet the state code which has a due date of May 1st 2020.

Upgrades would include installation of a keyed stop switch or alarmed push button along with a MAC clutch. The invoice for the upgrades was $1,748 plus tax. No action was taken but consensus from the board was to move forward with the payment for the upgrades at a later date.

District 4 Supervisor Erik Underberg brought to attention an update on the tower project for the LEC that bill has been sent for the amount of $25,000 for the structure work being done.

County Auditor Peggy Rice notified the board that the county is responsible for the payment but the supervisors agreed that no payment is likely to be made to Murphy Tower Company until the project is finished because of the delay on the project.

Chairman David Lee explained that the project had a time frame of 6 months initially but the project has dragged for a whole year longer than expected. However, no official action was taken by the board.