Unofficial Results: Dominick New Ward 1 City Council Member

By: Jacob Sexton —

Humboldt, IA — Results are in for the voting of the Ward 1 Humboldt City Council seat and unofficially Matt Dominick will be the new man in the position.

A total of 156 ballots were cast out of 1144 registered voters in  Ward 1 with 111 going to Dominick. 45 write in votes were cast with 44 of them going to former City Council member Steve Boomgarden.

However, these result are currently unofficial and won’t become official until Monday, August 19th. Once the results become official Dominick will be sworn in and have the seat until the end of the year.

A full four year term election will be held this November which means Dominick will have to run again to be elected for the full term.