Humboldt City Council Meeting 09/03/19

By: Jacob Sexton —

Humboldt, IA — Tuesday night, the Humboldt City Council members met for their bi-weekly meeting at the Humboldt Municipal Building.

Council members Whittlesey, Worthington, Sleiter, and Goodell were in attendance with Dominick not present.

All items on the consent agenda was approved which included a transfer premise request for the Humboldt Area Arts Council to 509 Sumner Avenue on September 25 for a special event.

No citizen was present for public input so the council moved to new business where they discussed the possibility of putting in a service to live stream city council meetings on the city website.

Total cost and the preferred service was presented by City Administrator Travis Geodken, but Ward 3 member Joel Goodell suggested against the service after saying some members in the community had contacted him about not having internet and not being able to use the streaming service to watch the meetings.

The council conversed for some time on the subject before coming into agreement to move in a different direction which would be to contact Mediacom to try to install updated equipment to put meetings on Channel 12.

A consensus between the members was to not put emphasis on having the recordings live but to have a way for those would want to watch the meetings to be able to whether they have internet or not. No action was taken on the streaming service as the estimated cost for the monthly fee and needed equipment was close to $3000.

Further discussion by the council suggested that the move towards using Mediacom and broadcasting again on Channel 12 would be better than going strictly online in order to reach more of the local audience.

Also, in new business was discussion of new personnel policy. Minor changes to the personnel policy were numerous as the revisions had not been done since 2008; however, no action was taken.

For resolutions, a payment was made to Denver Underground & Grading Inc. in the amount of $35,273.50 for the Highway 169 and Sumner Avenue intersection project. However, for the project, the city saved $11,293.00 was saved in the project as a net decrease was immediately approved after the payment.

Voting moved to the downtown project where work finished on 4th and 5th street was given payment in the amount of $83,786.07 to Sande Construction.

However, an extension of contract times was passed for the project for 11 calendar days as colored panels on the corner of 4th street were not accounted for in replacement. Also, it was cited that the project is moving a little behind schedule as slow pace is due to small crew turnout.

To close the meeting, council and staff had time to make comments of their own with an announcement coming that the city will be taking applications for any one interested in becoming a police officer in the city as Neil Christian has announced he will be moving into a new position in Pocahontas to be a county sheriff’s deputy.

The meeting then adjourned and announced that the next city council meeting will be Monday, September 16th.