Building Dispute Lands County Assessor In Hot Water

By: Jacob Sexton —

Humboldt, IA — JD Myers of Humboldt came before the Humboldt County Supervisors yesterday to bring a motion forward to begin a process to try to remove Linda Fallesen as Assessor of Humboldt County.

Myers spoke to the supervisors for 10-15 minutes on a situation regarding a building he owns to house his agriculture equipment that is not on his farm property. Originally deemed as an agriculture building, Myers was then notified by Fallesen that the building would be changed to commercial in 2017. Myers then filed to appeal the ruling which was taken to the Iowa Department of Revenue and eventually ruled in his favor to keep his building under the agriculture categorization.

After the ruling, Myers then notified the board that the county spent $56,408 over the course of two to three years fighting the case against Myers and believes Fallesen’s conduct during the process was unprofessional and warrants grounds to remove her from her position.

A special meeting will take place to discuss the matter on July 17th in front of the Conference Board which is made up of the County Supervisors, appointed officials, and area school board members.