Call in your birthday to 515-332-4100 and listen to 97.7 The Bolt every weekday at 7:40 am, 8:40 am, and 12:20 pm to hear if you’re the lucky winner of a delicious “Chipper” pancake, courtesy of Buck’s Backseat Diner in Humboldt!

If it’s your anniversary – you could win a two-topping shake from Backseat – those drawings are done every Friday at 12:20!

January Birthday Winners

1st: Patti Cerks, Gilmore City
2nd: Tammy King, Fort Dodge
3rd: Ed Clarken, Humboldt
6th: Addison Stein, Humboldt
7th: Katie Hinkel, Livermore
8th: Steven Nostrom, Humboldt
9th: Cooper Clarken, Humboldt
10th: Jada Rankin, Humboldt
13th: Grant Kuehnist, Humboldt
15th: Chandler Fogelman, Dakota City
20th: Sharon Pflibsen, Humboldt
22nd: Xavier Davis, Humboldt, 3
27th: Gabriel Hopp, Humboldt, 6
28th: Marshall Bormann, Humboldt, 11
29th: Kirk Welander, Havelock
31st: Thayden Brockman, Humboldt, 9

January Anniversary Winners

10th: Warren & Ann Wood, Humboldt
17th: Mike & Katie Hinkel, Livermore
31st: Jerry & Jo Ann George, Humboldt (69th)