Call in your birthday to 515-332-4100 and listen to 97.7 The Bolt every weekday at 7:40 am, 8:40 am, and 12:20 pm to hear if you’re the lucky winner of 18 donut holes courtesy of Humboldt Hy-Vee!

And if it’s your anniversary – you could win a 5″ cake for two courtesy of Hy-Vee – those drawings are done every Friday at 12:20!

October Birthday Winners

1st: Michelle Thilges, Humboldt
2nd: Molly Peaton, Humboldt
3rd: Darlene Kleve, Humboldt
5th: Opal Stanford, Humboldt
7th: Kinsey Grebner, Humboldt
8th: Lex Christiansen, 11, Humboldt
9th: Lenny Wilkens, Bode

October Anniversary Winners

3rd: Jordan & Lexy Davis (4) Humboldt