Birthdays and anniversaries are sponsored by Burrito Mexpress. Birthday winners receive a ten-inch beef or chicken burrito and a single order of chips and queso. Anniversary winners receive a half order of nachos and two single-scoop ice cream cones or dishes. *All prize certificates must be picked up within 30 days of birthday/anniversary announcement*

June Birthday Winners:

1st: Brittney Schnetter, 12, Humboldt
2nd: Jackson Kitchoff, 13, Humboldt
3rd: Tracy Roder, Livermore
4th: Mary Fevold, Humboldt
7th: Emily Russell
8th: Sean Hermesen, 33, Humboldt
9th: Janelle Kellner, Humboldt
11th: Liz Panncuck, Humboldt
14th: Samantha Davis, Humboldt
15th: Bud Nostrum, Humboldt
16th:  Colby Lane, Dakota City
17th: Christopher Mersch, 35, Livermore
18th: Tom Carlson, 48, Humboldt
21st: Jim Behrens, 41, Humboldt
22nd: Chris Brock, 51, Fort Dodge

June Anniversary Winners

Week of the 4th: Ron & Meg Thompson, 50 years, Humboldt
Week of the 11th: Thad & Nancy Naeve, 31 years, Humboldt (6/9)
Week of the 18th: Kelly and JR Schnetzer, 31 years, Humboldt (6/16)

Call in your birthday or anniversary to 515-332-4100 and listen to KHBT | 97.7 The Bolt every weekday at 7:40 am, 8:40 am, and 12:20 pm for our birthday & anniversary shout-outs.