Fireworks Are Back But So Are Burns

By: Jacob Sexton —

Humboldt, IA — With 4th of July on the horizon, fireworks will be shooting off over the skies once again.

However, this means burns and fire hazards for everyday citizens. Healthcare professionals all over the US brace for an influx of patients making their way to the emergency rooms during the holiday and Dr. David Ruzicka of Humboldt Memorial Hospital says that most victims are a result of safety measures not being taken.

When asked about what someone should consider when lighting off fireworks, Ruzicka had a few suggestions on what protection can be used which included gloves and eye protection while also following the instructions of how to properly light the firework. A recommendation from Ruzicka for the public is to compare minor burns to a sun burn and to only treat it with cold water and ibuprofen.

However, more serious injuries should be treated with medical care if the burn blisters and is around the face. Parents are advised to always have supervision over children when handling fireworks and lighting them off while under the influence of alcohol.