Former Governor Vilsack Praises USMCA

By: Jacob Sexton —

Des Moines, IA — Former Iowa governor Tom Vilsack (D) believes the new trade agreement between the US, Mexico, and Canada would be a win for Iowa farmers.

The US, Mexico, Canada Agreement or the USMCA has been proposed by the Trump administration but has not yet been sent to Congress for a vote. Vilsack spoke at a forum and said it’s not about a victory for the President but more about giving a victory to the US economy and all the people who work in agriculture in our country. Vilsack went on to say about 28% of Americans work in food and ag and this agreement would secure a 30% market share of dairy products to Mexico.

Iowa alone exported close $700,000 in pork to Mexico and Canada just last year. Vilsack was Secretary of Agriculture under the Obama administration but now works currently as the President and CEO of the US Dairy Export Council.