Humboldts winter parking ordinance going into effect until March 31, 2021

By: Donovan W. Mann –

Humboldt, IA – The winter parking ordinance in the City of Humboldt is going into effect today per the city code.

Dec. 1 is the day for the ordinance pertaining to winter parking to go into effect in the City of Humboldt. City Administrator Travis Goedken reminds the public that when the ordinance is in effect parking on any city streets is prohibited between the hours of 3-7 am whether it is snowing or not.

Additionally the ordinance allows the city to take extra measures in case the streets need to be car free at any time during the day. Goedken says the city has an “additional provision” where they can call a “snow emergency.” He says they try to give as much notice as possible when calling for a snow emergency based on forecasts. When the city calls for a snow emergency parking is prohibited on city streets at all times. In the case of a sudden snow fall that requires an emergency to be called residents are given four hours to move their cars.

The city administrator reminds the community that they are also responsible for keeping their sidewalks clear. “Residents are required to remove snow and ice from their sidewalk within 24 hours after the snow or ice ends” Goedken says. For commercial businesses the limit is 12 hours. The city administrators warns that failure to remove the snow and ice during the allotted time will result in city billing as a result of them providing the service.

For removing snow and ice Goedken says that residents may use salt or ice-melt though warns it harms the concrete sidewalks. For the downtown area he warns against using corrosive materials. “That brand new concrete, it’s extremely important that salt not go on that.” The city administrator says that concrete going through its first winter is very “susceptible to damage.” The concrete needs the time to fully cure. He also requests that the businesses with concrete that was done over a year ago still use sand provided by the city. “Salt is a corrosive environment. We want this sidewalk to last as long as possible.”

With the higher chances of hazardous weather rising with the change of the seasons the City of Humboldt wants to assure they can keep everyone safe. This is why the ask for clear roads to plow and everyone to do their part to assure walking spaces are clear of ice.

The Humboldt City Ordinance states that the winter parking rules go into effect Dec. 1 and will be in effect until March 31.