VFW to hold some in person Memorial Day service

By: Donovan W. Mann – donovanm@977thebolt.com

Humboldt, IA – The services in Humboldt to honor the fallen service men and women will be altered again in 2021.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 5240 Commander David Lee says they will have to make some changes to this year’s Memorial Day Service. They will not be able to hold the full ceremony and parade down main street and through the parks this year.

However, at 9:30 am on Monday, May 31, the VFW will be at the bridge on Sumner Avenue to hold prayer and fire the guns in honor of fallen veterans. This is open to the general public. “They are more than welcome,” says Lee. He hopes that “everybody” will come out.

Last Saturday he and a group of volunteers went around Union Cemetery to place flags on the graves of deceased veterans. Throughout the entirety of Humboldt County they have placed close to 1,000 flags on veterans graves.

During the day of remembrance, Lee wants to make sure that everyone remembers those who served, deceased and living. “Everybody don’t remember the veterans, they just think ‘well they’re a bunch of guys that done a job.’ Well they’re not, they’re heroes.”

Lee reminds everyone that veterans are men and women who went out and fought for their country’s freedom. “They need to salute them, represent them, the ones that still alive, they need to remember them and talk with them, find out their story, why the went and honor them.”

Lee, who is a veteran of the Vietnam War, gives his thanks to the fallen. “I would like to thank the veterans that gave their life. Whether they was [sic] a 20 year, 30 year career veteran or whether they was [sic] a two or a four year veteran, I want to thank them. Because without them we wouldn’t have the freedoms we have now and I think everyone should thank the veterans for the job they do and support them.”

Whether it is by attending the Memorial Day Service or by going out to the cemetery’s, someone personal or a complete stranger, Lee hopes that everyone takes time to reflect on the fallen service members this Memorial Day.