Camping Revenues rise for Humboldt County Parks

By Alex Benzegala,

Humboldt, IA – Revenue for camping at Gotch and Sheldon parks in Humboldt County has more than doubled according to Humboldt County Conservation.  A document with the camping revenues of the last 10 years shows total camping revenue totals at Sheldon and Gotch parks combined for $127,382 in 2021, up from $42,988 in 2011. The biggest increase in camping revenue came from Sheldon Park, where revenue was 75,553 in 2021, up from 12,695 in 2011. At Gotch, camping revenue increased to 51,829 in 2021, up from 30,293 in 2011. The combined revenues of both parks that includes Camping and Cabins at Sheldon and camping, cabin, and shelter at Gotch have climbed to $138,872 in 2021, up from $90,988 in 2019.

KHBT asked Humboldt County Conservation Director Todd Lee why revenue totals have increased so dramatically and he told me the reasons are multi-faceted. Lee says camping is popular right now and that the COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to more campers at Humboldt County parks.  Lee says he is pleased with the growth of camping revenue in the county and hopes residents and visitors continue to use the Gotch and Sheldon parks for recreation.