UDMO seeks funds from Humboldt County for fiscal year 2023

By Alex Benzegala, [email protected]

Dakota City, IA – Upper Des Moines Opportunity gave the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors their annual update request for funding. Jamey Whitney has been the UDMO Director for the last 10 years but is moving on to a similar position in Kansas soon, but he talked to the Board on Monday and said that UDMO assisted 1128 individuals in 483 Humboldt County Households from October 2020 to October 2021 at a cost of $366,590.45. Whitney asked the board to consider budgeting $9,562 for fiscal year 2023 which is Oct. 1 2022 to September 30 2023. He said support from the county is important to meet the needs for at risk residents in Humboldt County who have lost their jobs, lost their homes or have other financial and emotional hardships.

Whitney said the biggest take away from the annual report is that there is demand for services in Humboldt County.

Whitney also talked about the food pantry at the UDMO office in Humboldt and he says that it’s is a great resource low income families.

The Board of Supervisors did not act on the request for funds from UDMO on Monday but KHBT will have an update when the annual budget is released.