City Council Approves Golf Carts on City Streets

By: Austin Vaught — [email protected]

Humboldt, Iowa — The Humboldt City Council met together Monday, August 7th.

During the meeting the council approved a new ordinance providing the operation of golf carts and ATVs/ORVs on city streets.

This ordinance has been brought up before and even been brought up several times in person to some of the city counselors.

There will be some restriction involving the new ordinance. “There’s a couple restriction, but there all meant for the safety of the operator” Travis Goedken says.

Goedken also says “one of the main reason for looking at it is we do have a golf course right outside of town, and there all people especially on West River Dr. that I’m not oblivious to the fact they take their golf cart out of the garage and drive it down West River Dr. down to the golf course.”