Temporary Mowing Rights Given For Memorial Park

By: Jacob Sexton — jacobs@977thebolt.com

Fort Dodge, IA — Memorial Park in Fort Dodge has hired a firm to take over the mowing of the cemetery until November per Bill Shea of the Messenger.

Controversy has surrounded the situation when locals came to find the cemetery with 10 inch high grass on Memorial Day this year. Alan Dorothy was in charge of keeping Memorial Park well kept but came out to say he was retired and was no longer taking care of the cemetery. Volunteers stepped up to mow the entirety of the cemetery on Memorial Day but now the city has given that duty to Jeff’s Lawn & Snow Care from Rolfe. Fort Dodge is in the process of obtaining the full legal rights to the site and will soon give the rights over to a different company when those rights are acquired.

Some Fort Dodge locals are not happy with the move as some have voiced their displeasure online condemning the move with the reason being not giving the mowing rights to a local company. City manager David Fierke is heading the process and will be able to do the move himself as all purchases under $25,000 can be done without the need of the City Council.