Many Meetings Planned in Humboldt County

By: Jacob Sexton —

Humboldt & Dakota City, IA — August’s city council meeting for Dakota City is set for Wednesday. Consent agenda includes the clerks report, minutes, and bills. Old and new business will be discussed in the communications segment of the meeting with the old business consisting of MSA Professional Services updates, review 27 6th Street North property proposal specifications, and consideration of donation for the Humota Theater. One new order of business is to take place which is a resolution for the city street financial report for fiscal year 2019. Wednesday’s meeting is at 7pm at the Dakota City Municipal Building.

The Public Safety Commission is scheduled to meet today to give an update on the tower project. New business includes possible action on City of Humboldt street lamps request then accept and place on file the monthly budget report. This meeting will take place in the Humboldt City Council Chambers at the Humboldt Municipal Building.

Also, today is the weekly Humboldt County Supervisors meeting at the Humboldt County Courthouse. The meeting is always open to the public and matters being discussed today include signing of documents to a loan for the new cabins at Sheldon Park and discussion of drainage bills.