Fair board cautiously considering many factors when making decisions

By: Donovan W. Mann – donovanm@977thebolt.com

Humboldt, IA – The Humboldt County Fair Board continues to monitor COVID-19, state proclamations, as they make decisions for the coming fair.

The Humboldt County Fair is scheduled to go on as a planned. While the details continue to be finalized and the final decision being made for the fair the board still plans to hold the fair. Fair board president Jeff Hasselhuhn delivers a statement on the matter to KHBT.

He says that “as of right now” the 2020 Humboldt County fair is on. He says this was after careful consideration from all on the fair board. The dates are still scheduled for July 21 to July 27. The fair will still be hosted at the Humboldt County Fairgrounds.

The board continues to look to the state officials when making their decisions. Hasselhuhn says that all their decisions will be made on the most current proclamations from Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds. He also recognizes that they are dealing with a “moving target” and that it could change at a moment’s notice. He assures that they will continue forward until there is a change.

When it comes to a final decision or deadline on when the parade will be called off, Hasselhuhn says there isn’t one. He says that if an outbreak were to occur in Humboldt County they would consider all options. The board would also be in conversation with Humboldt County Public Health on the matter. However, as far as a “deadline” there is no deadline.

Hasselhuhn says that he and the Humboldt County Fair Board are trying to be as cautious as they can going forward. He says they feel strongly about the safety of the public and encourages everyone to make their own decision.  If someone does not feel comfortable attending the fair he says that is okay and those who wish to attend will be welcome.

The Humboldt County Fair is scheduled for July 21 to the 27. The board will continue to make decisions based on the most recent data to make the most informed decision possible going forward.