Humboldt adds eight new COVID-19 cases in the past week

By: Donovan W. Mann –

Humboldt, IA – An update on the COVID-19 numbers in Humboldt County.

In looking at the COVID-19 numbers for Humboldt County over the course of the past week from Monday July 6 to Sunday July 12, Humboldt County Public Health and the Iowa Department of Public Health have confirmed a total of 8 new cases over the course of the week. The county’s total case count is now up to 62.

Here is how the total positive cases break down by age range:

  • Four in the 0-17 age range.
  • 27 in the 18-40 age range.
  • 25 in the 41-60 age range.
  • Five in the 61-80 age range.
  • One in the 81+ age category.

At this time there has been one COVID-19 related death in Humboldt County and 48 of the cases have been confirmed as recoveries. KHBT will continue to provide updates on the COVID-19 case count in Humboldt County through our website and our Facebook page.