Leadership labels 2020 Humboldt County Fair successful, prepares for 2021

By: Donovan W. Mann – donovanm@977thebolt.com

Humboldt, IA – As the dust settles on the 2020 county fair, leadership reflects on this year’s revisions and the proceeds to plan for 2021.

The 2020 Humboldt County fair is seen as a success by the fair board and next year’s events are already tentatively approved. Fair Board President Jeff Hasselhoun talks about the 2020 county fair and how he felt it went.

With the circumstance surrounding this year’s fair, Hasselhoun says the fair accomplished its goal. He says it went “very well” for all the livestock shows which were the primary concern of the fair board. The goal was to allow the 4-H and FFA members to show their projects and be able to qualify for the state fair. The fair board president says that he and the board feel like they accomplished their goal.

Hasselhoun had high praise for all the work done by those exhibiting at this year’s fair. “One of our better livestock shows for the history of the fair” he says. From the quality of the animal to the training put in along with the showing of the livestock, the fair board president was impressed. “We had some excellent animals that are going to go on to state and it was a very good show in every department.”

The 2020 Humboldt County Fair ended on Monday, July 27 and that night the fair board already began setting things up for next year’s fair. Hasselhoun confirms that the board approved July 20 to 26 as the days for the 2021 county fair. He also says that the “tentative” agenda has been approved by the board. This includes all grand stand activities and contracts for 2020 getting rolled over to 2021. “We’re really set up in real good shape for next year.”

Humboldt County Fair Board President Jeff Hasselhoun says he is glad they were able to put on a 2020 fair. He also thanks the community for their help in putting on this years fair.