Humboldt streets department shop getting an add on

Humboldt, IA – The Humboldt City Council is going forward with more additions to the street departments building.

During the most recent meeting of the council they approved a resolution to order the construction of the addition to the shop. The resolution also set a public hearing on the proposed plans and specifications along with the estimated costs and notifies bidders.

City Administrator Travis Goedken reported that this is the second half the project and was previously budgeted for by council. He also reports that some changes were made after meeting with engineers. The main change they made was to leave the current building as is and then do the add-on and leave the wall as a partition to avoid having to sprinkler the entire building. The city administrator also reports that the initial plan forgot exhaust ventilation systems for when the trucks are inside idling.

The council approved the resolution unanimously and further action on the project will be taken at later meetings to continue the process.