City of Humboldt receiving grants to help fund major projects

By: Donovan W. Mann –

Humboldt, IA – The City of Humboldt is receiving some grant money to help fund some major future projects.

During the most recent city council meeting City Administrator Travis Goedken reported to council that the city has been approved for two grants. Both projects are scheduled to occur within the next few years when the grant money will become available.

The first grant is a Region V Surface Transportation Block Grant Award. The city will use this grant to help resurface Sumner Avenue in 2024 when the grant will become available. The plan is to start at the intersection at the Crossroads convenience store and go down the hill all the way to the boarder with Dakota City. The city will receive $900,000 after applying for $1 million.

The second grant the city will receive is the Iowa Transportation Alternative Program Grant Award. The plan is to use these funds on the Eagle Ridge nature Trail. The project will be done in two phases starting next year with a $700,000 grant for a walking bridge connecting Cottonwood Trail to Eagle Ridge. The second phase will be done in 2024 with a trail loop being added around lot 10 in Eagle Ridge and is expected to receive $240,000 grant along with Humboldt County funding.

City council expressed appreciation towards the city staff for helping the city receive the grants to help fund these two highly anticipated projects.