Haselhuhn updates supervisors on fairgrounds, 2021 fair

By: Donovan W. Mann – donovanm@977thebolt.com

Dakota City, IA – The Humboldt County Fair Board is thinking bigger as two new building go up.

During a recent meeting of the County’s Board of Supervisors they met with Humboldt County Fair Board President Jeff Haselhuhn. The purpose of the meeting was to allow Haselhuhn to make the annual funding request on behalf of the fair board as well as give an update on what’s going on at the fairgrounds.

As previously reported by KHBT two 60 X 120 building are being built at the fairgrounds. The first building will have a concrete floor and removable hog pens so it can also be used for winter storage. The second building will be the horse stables.

Haselhuhn told the supervisors they hope the larger buildings will allow them to host larger district events. He also says the fair board chose now to have building built in order to take advantage of the low rates.

Additionally the fairgrounds had electrical and underground water work done. Haselhuhn told the board they discovered a leak into the city sewage main that was driving up the fairgrounds sewage costs.

The fair board president updated the supervisors about next year’s county fair. He says that this year was designed to be an 4H and FFA show case only due to the pandemic. He says they still wanted to provide the opportunity for the local contestants to show case their project and compete at the state fair but didn’t want to host a large event.

Next year they plan for the fair to be back as a full scale event. Haselhuhn says that all of the contract for the 2020 fair will roll over to 2021. There will be no additional fees for this to happen.

The fair board’s funding request was for $25,000. This is the same amount they requested last year.

The supervisors thanked Haselhuhn for the updates and told him they’d take the information under consideration when they begin talks for the budget for the next fiscal year.