Laborshed study to be conducted in Humboldt County

By: Donovan W. Mann –

Humboldt, IA – Humboldt County will be a part of a Laborshed study that is being conducted by the state.

Humboldt County Development Association Director Alissa O’Connor provides a release on behalf of the HCDA and Iowa Workforce Development and Economic Development Authority. It says this Laborshed study will geographically define which communities contribute to Humboldt’s workforce, regardless of political boundaries.

Laborshed studies are useful tools for economic development teams and existing or prospective employers to understand the local labor market, make informed expansion and site selection decisions, and maintain/recruit a high quality workforce.

The Laborshed boundary is based on the place of residence of individuals commuting into the Humboldt for employment. Letters will be sent to employers in Humboldt asking they provide aggregate counts of their employees’ residential ZIP codes.

Every year Iowa Workforce Development conducts Laborshed studies across the State. If there are any questions about the Laborshed project, contact Katie Lippold at 515-281-3035 or Alissa O’Connor with Humboldt County Development Association at 515-332-2557.