Wildcat Wonderland Playground to be rebuilt in August, funding still needed

By Alex Benzegala, alexb@977thebolt.com

Humboldt, IA – Plans are underway to rebuild and relocate the Wildcat Wonderland Playground in Humboldt later this year, and a community fundraising effort is underway to help pay for the project.  Humboldt County Community Foundation Director Alissa O’Connor tells KHBT that that HCCF is doing a matching Challenge Grant where HCCF matches up to $50,000 of donations to the project. The total cost is a minimum of 400,500 and  the Humboldt School District and City of Humboldt  has contributed money to the project, but Humboldt City Parks  Superintendent Clayton Vorland details why more funding is needed.

 Vorland explains why it’s necessary to construct a new playground.

The plan is for the new Wildcat Wonderland Park to be relocated to the area east of the Taft Park Shelter House and south of the  Skateboard Park. Vorland says the scheduled built date of the new park is August 16-21 and will  be a community build, and Play by Design out of Ithaca New York is the playground company facilitating the build. Vorland says the goal is to have the Park ready to open by the 2022-2023 school year.

Photo Courtesy of Play by Design