HCHM message on mask mandate

By: Matt Scher, [email protected]

Humboldt, IA – The following is a message from Humboldt County Memorial Hospital CEO Michelle Sleiter and the entire HCMH Healthcare Team.

“While many hospitals and clinics are loosening their masking requirements, Humboldt County Memorial Hospital will continue to mandate masks and screening for all staff, patients and visitors within the public/common spaces of our hospital. As of today, the guidance from our regulatory bodies, Medicare and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), continue to require masking for all individuals within the public spaces of the hospital. Having a nursing home within the hospital does create additional regulations that a hospital or clinic without a nursing home may not have.

While we understand the frustrations this may bring, I do want to thank you for respecting what we have to do at this time. As we treat the vulnerable populations, we want to protect their health as much as possible.  We hope to see a pathway soon that will allow us to loosen these mandates, but until that time we will continue to follow the regulations and require screening and masking for all.

Thank you for choosing HCMH and masking up.”