For Jensen, demolition of Wildcat Wonderland is ‘bittersweet’

By: Matt Scher,

Humboldt, IA –¬†Phase one of the Wildcat Wonderland build commenced yesterday in Taft Park. While the new structure is slowly starting to take shape, the footprint of the existing structure shrunk as Jensen Drainage & Excavation began to demolish the remaining portions of the former Wildcat Wonderland.

Gary Jensen, the owner of Jensen Drainage & Excavation, helped build the original Wildcat Wonderland structure in May 1990 and was tasked with using a 235 X 3 Excavator to bring down the project he once helped to construct.

At approximately 11:10 a.m., the last pillar of the original structure was removed, ending a 32-year run for the original Wildcat Wonderland. Day two of the three-day phase one stage of the build runs from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. today. Volunteers who would like to help with experience in skilled labor are welcome for both today and tomorrow.