New Humboldt County website has launched

By: Donovan Mann –

Humboldt, IA – Humboldt County gets a fresh new website.

Tuesday, Jan. 21st, Humboldt County launches it brand new website for citizens and visitors alike to be able to find the information and resources they need. County Auditor Peggy Rice says process of launching the website took over a year.

Rice says a new look and a more mobile friendly website was a main goal for the new website.

According to Rice the process was lengthy and there was a lot of input from different county employees and officials. She says there were three employees from the auditor office, one form the treasure, one from the record, one from the assessor, and one from the engineer office specifically trained to work the website. This team is qualified to edit and make changes to the website. The Board of Supervisors was also heavily involved in the decision making and approval process.

The company hired by the county to design the new website is Revize, who also did the City of Humboldt’s website.

Rice says along with the new look, there are new features to the website that allow better communication between citizens and county. This includes a feature that allows citizens to report issues and damages directly to the proper office.

Rice says she hopes that everyone will take the time to check out the new county website and that they are always open to suggestions.

You can see the new website yourself at